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Women4Real’s Sally Turner gives keynote speech at Femedic launch

Women4Real’s Creative Director, Sally Turner, spoke on uncovering the secrecy, shame and stereotypes surrounding women’s sexual health at the launch of the Femedic, a new website that is determined to ‘normalise women’s health taboos’.

Is mindfulness just a ‘buzzword’ in the bedroom?

In this recent piece for Netdoctor, Mindfulness can do wonders for your sex life, our Executive Director, Sabine Tyrvainen, makes the case for ‘open focus’ techniques in the bedroom, as part of mindfulness practice.

From ‘ouch’ to ‘oooooh’

In advance of the publication of my book, The Chilli Pepper Sex Club, I’ve written a piece for Netdoctor about my journey through vulvodynia. More media to follow and I’ll be running a series of workshops (in London and Brighton) to support all aspects of women’s health, including ‘Mindfulness for sexual wellbeing’. Please sign up to the Women4Real database (bottom of homepage) for more info – full details available soon. – Sally, Creative Director, Women4Real

Women4Real invited to give inaugural lecture at national conference in Poland

We were invited to Lodz in Poland to give the opening lecture at Kongresy Medyczne Kobieta i Mężczyzna (a prestigious conference on reproductive health).  Our presentation on ‘Personal perspectives on sexual health care: What patients want doctors to know’ was well-received we met some of Poland’s top consultants in sexual health, including the inspirational Dr Ewa Baszak Radomanska, Poland’s expert on vulvodynia.

Our issues-raiser video  has reached 124,000 views on YouTube

Our video, Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: The Differences Explained With Food has reached 124,000 views on You tube! Thanks to everyone who supported the project and shared the video via social media, especially our sponsors Amielle Comfort, The Yes Yes Company and Natracare.

– Sally Turner & Sabine Tyrvainen (Co-directors, Women4Real)