Women4Real is a creative initiative raising awareness of women’s sexual health issues, with a focus on removing the stigma, isolation and frustration that women often feel. We want to get real about women’s health; to bust misconceptions, and to engage women with real facts, support and solutions. Whilst some superb organisations exist to support women with their sexual health (we work closely with several of them) we are focusing our energy and expertise on bringing about a wider shift; not only in awareness, support and treatment options but in cultural attitudes and expectations around sexuality.

Who we are

Women4Real launched in 2013 as a collaborative venture between journalist and broadcaster Sally Turner and clinical health and high performance psychologist Sabine Tyrvainen. We have worked together on various projects while also developing our own areas of specialty. Sally is a journalist writing primarily on women’s sexual health and has personal experience of living with vulvodynia. Sabine is a clinical health and high performance psychologist with a special interest in women’s health and psychology.

What we do

Our first project in 2013 was a short film for social media to raise awareness about vulvodynia, a debilitating vulval pain syndrome that affects millions of women in the UK. Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: The Differences Explained With Food went viral on YouTube, garnered international media attention, and was a finalist for Sexual Health Media Campaign of the Year at The UK Sexual Health Awards in 2014.

We have worked collaboratively with experts and investors in the medical, charity and business sectors (including the NHS, The Vulval Pain Society and brands who share our values) to improve diagnosis, care and treatment outcomes. Our portfolio also includes working closely with innovative individuals and arts projects which educate, inform and ignite debate in new and engaging ways (The Great Wall of Vagina, The Centrefold Project). We also run workshops and webinars, and speak on an international scale – directly to women with health issues and to medical professionals and the business community.

Latest projects

Sally’s memoir about vulval pain, The Chilli Pepper Sex Club, will be published in 2024 and she hosts the Women4Real podcast which gets real about everything from chronic thrush, hymens, and herpes to labiaplasty and vulvodynia. Sabine has been working with women one-to-one and in group settings using neurofeedback techniques to optimise focus and reduce pain.

Get Real

Got an idea or project relating to women’s health you’d like us to help you develop? Between us we have a wealth of creative and clinical skills and we would love to hear from you. Contact sally(at)women4Real(dot)com