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Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: The Differences Explained With Food

Our short video highlights a burning issue and offers a red-hot response to a viral video phenomenon that’s had more than 10 million views

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Women4Real launched in 2013 and our first project was a short video, for social media outlets, to raise awareness around painful sex and vulvodynia – health issues that affect millions of women, but are often under-reported and misdiagnosed. Our video was inspired by Kornhaber Brown’s Porn Sex vs. Real Sex: The Differences Explained With Food which has gone viral across social media with more than 10 million views on YouTube. We loved the film’s humour and creativity as an issues-raiser and were inspired to bring some hot sauce to the table (along with a frankfurter, a finger roll and a creatively spliced chilli) to highlight another burning issue: painful sex and vulvodynia. The result is our short video, Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: The Differences Explained With Food.

Since September 2013, the video has been viewed more than 110,000 times, has received global media coverage – including a positive review from Dr Brook Magnanti (Belle de Jour) in the The Telegraph – and was a finalist for ‘Sexual Health Media Campaign/Storyline of the Year’ at the UK Sexual Health Awards 2014. For further information about the project please read our media release and FAQ.

Our video is supported by sponsors who share our values: The Yes Yes Company, Natracare and Amielle Comfort are market leaders in positively engaging with women’s sexual and intimate health, and they offer innovative products to help manage vulvodynia and painful sex. Please see the sponsor page for further details of how they can help.

The video was produced independently by Women4Real with support from a freelance production team: Sally Turner (Co-Producer and Script Writer), Sabine Tyrvainen (Co-Producer and Executive Research), Grace Gelder (Camera), Claire Wilkins (Editor), Susie Coleman (Voice-Over).

Women4Real is improving patient care for women with vulvodynia by developing an expert network, a CPD programme for GPs and health professionals, a mindfulness-based self-care course for women, new research and treatment options and further arts and media projects.