Our film was produced independently by Women4Real to raise awareness around issues relating to painful sex and vulvodynia. We approached sponsors, who share our values, to cover our costs and are grateful for their support. Their products are of benefit in the management of vulvodynia and painful sex.

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The Yes Yes Company

Yes® natural lubricants. When sex hurts, Yes® soothes

Yes is proud to sponsor this enlightening film which imaginatively illustrates a widely experienced, but little discussed, issue. We have formulated a range of natural intimate lubricants and moisturisers which nourish rather than compromise sensitive vulval and vaginal tissues. The founders of Yes set out to promote a deeper understanding of intimate health, and their innovative products have been hailed by women and HCPs around the world for their success in alleviating painful sex.”

– Susi Lennox, Alchymical Director, The Yes Yes Company Ltd


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Natracare® organic & natural tampons, pads, panty liners & wipes. Recommended by gynaecologists

“As the first feminine hygiene brand to be founded with the aim of improving women’s menstrual health we were keen to support a film that raises important issues such as vulvodynia. Natracare has worked alongside the Vulval Pain Society for over ten years highlighting how small simple changes to a woman’s monthly routine can make a huge difference. Women consistently tell us how their symptoms such as itching and soreness have improved since switching to Natracare. We are all much more concerned about what we put into our bodies, both for health and environmental grounds, and often overlook the benefits of natural sanitary care.”

– Susie Hewson, Founder of Natracare


 Amielle Logo Transparent ConvertedAmielle Comfort

Amielle Comfort vaginal dilators.  A gentle self-treatment for painful sex

This area of women’s sexual health is rarely talked about, with thousands of women suffering in silence, but thankfully treatments for vulvodynia are available.  Amielle is proud to be associated with Women4Real’s film, which imaginatively and succinctly conveys the difference between “intentionally” painful playful sex and vulvodynia, an unwanted burning pain making penetration for women unbearable and even impossible.  Self-treatment using graduated vaginal dilators can help build confidence at a pace that suits so that women can start to enjoy intimate relations again.  It’s time to talk and offer women real support with practical solutions.”

–  Tania Mackenzie, Amielle Marketing Manager