Sally Turner

Sally is a journalist, broadcaster, and media consultant, specialising in issues relating to women, sexuality and popular culture. She writes regularly on women’s sexual health for Patient, and her memoir The Chilli Pepper Sex Club, about her journey through vulval pain, is due to be published in 2024.

Sally has turned years of chronic sexual pain into a positive by launching support groups, media campaigns, and arts initiatives on this taboo issue − and utilising public speaking, comic narratives and popular culture to engage a wider audience. She has reported on sexual health, and popular culture, for NetDoctor, The Independent, Virgin Radio and Air America Radio. And worked for award-winning communications company Global Tolerance, as an editor for Discovery Channel and as a journalist for men’s style magazine GQ, producing features about sex and lifestyle.

In her role as a media consultant, Sally coordinated a high-profile media campaign for We Are Equals (a coalition of major charities including Oxfam, Amnesty International, ActionAid and Women for Women International brought together by Annie Lennox to celebrate 100 years of campaigning for women’s rights). She has also worked on creative projects promoting women’s sexual health for pioneering women’s erotic emporium Sh!, for Great Wall of Vagina sculptor Jamie McCartney, and for The Centrefold Project, an innovative film about ‘designer vaginas’. Her work in the health sector also includes content writing for charity campaigns, and the co-production of short films, including the award-winning Marc’s Story for Brighton charity Martlets, which won gold at the 2023 Smiley Charity Film Awards.

Sally was on the management committee of The Vulval Pain Society for more than a decade, and has spoken about her personal experience of chronic sexual pain at international medical conferences, workshops, and events.

Sally lives near Brighton in East Sussex. Follow Sally on Twitter @SallyJaneTurner and on Instagram @sally_jane_turner