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Unique  opportunity to take part in a vulvodynia study using neurofeedback technology

Women4Real will be conducting a small study in Autumn 2022 which will look at the relationship between Dysautonomia (malfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System), attentional focus and vulval pain syndromes. We will be using neurofeedback to examine the brainwaves of women with vulval pain and need 10 – 20 volunteers to be part of the study.

Volunteers will take part in a one-to-one session (at a London venue on a weekend) that will last approximately two hours. The session will include a series of attentional focus exercises and involve wearing a light-weight neurofeedback band around the head to examine brainwave activity. It is a unique opportunity to gain some insight into your brain wave and mental energy patterns, and will help us develop techniques that may prove helpful for women with vulval pain syndromes.

If you are interested in taking part, please fill out this short survey which will help us decide if you meet the criteria for the study. We will be in touch in due course with everyone who fills in the survey to inform you of progress and to invite a selection of applicants through to the study.

Privacy statement: We keep all personal details strictly confidential and will not share your information with other organisations or individuals.