CPD & Network

Vulvodynia is not a well-known condition amongst health professionals and is often misdiagnosed.

Women4Real in collaboration with other expert health professionals aims to provide Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses and develop an expert network for multidisciplinary care and treatment of vulvodynia and sexual pain disorders.


Women’s Health Professionals

Vulvodynia is a chronic and debilitating pain syndrome that affects 16% of women at some point or another in their lifetime – which equates to 3.2 million women in the UK – whose sex lives, relationships and daily functioning are severely impeded. Vulvodynia is frequently misdiagnosed (often as chronic thrush) and inappropriate treatment, or lack of a specialised treatment regime, can worsen the condition. 

To promote accurate diagnosis and improve patient care we are in the process of developing CPD webinar courses – for GPs and health professionals involved in a multidisciplinary approach in the care and treatment of vulvodynia and sexual pain issues.

Our CPD courses are delivered remotely via webinars (online audio and video) and are offered as evening sessions to accommodate health professionals’ busy day-time schedules. Courses are competitively priced and take place in small groups, with a maximum of 25 participants. This allows for focussed learning and interaction within an optimum session time of two hours.

Those health professionals have the opportunity to be included into our online expert network database that can be searched by potential clients.

Please contact us for further information.