Below is a selection of useful links related to sexual pain and body image issues.

For support and information on how to manage vulvodynia please contact the Vulval Pain Society.


VPS Webinar Presentations

All downloadable leaflets, documents, PDFs and literature from the VPS are found in this section.

Self-administered measures of pain, sexual function and psychological aspects

Guidelines for the management of vulvodynia 2010



The Vulval Pain Society –  The VPS is a UK charity offering support for women who suffer from vulval pain, and their partners

British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease – The BSSVD acknowledges the distress of women with vulval conditions and in response to this seeks to be their advocate and to provide the evidence base to establish the highest standard of care and inform clinical practice. Supporting women with vulval conditions.

British Association of Sexual Educators (B.A.S.E) – organisation for sexual educators promoting healthy & fulfilling sexuality

The Centrefold Project – A thought-provoking short film asks: is labiaplasty anti-female pornification or an empowering choice? 

V-Day  – A global movement to end violence against women and girls

FORWARD –  Tackling Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child marriage and the related rights of African women and girls



Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than five minutes?

The V Word (13:19) Source: 20/20 TVNZ – Richelle Waldron was too afraid to have sex – until she read a magazine article.

Vulvodynia Public Awareness Campaign (PSA) – Canadian Foundation Women’s Health

Self-care Pain Tool Kit – For health care professionals & patients. For further information on pain self-management click here.



The Chilli Pepper Sex Club – Sally Turner’s forth-coming book and business hub

Health Psychology – Sabine Tyrvainen’s bio page

Great Wall of Vagina – Jamie McCartney’s sculpture: Changing body image through art

Healing Painful Sex– A Woman’s Guide to Confronting, Diagnosing, and Treating Sexual Pain – By Deborah Coady, MD and Nancy Fish, MSW, MPH – Healing Painful Sex is the only book on the market that provides a comprehensive deep insight into the medical and psychological treatment of women suffering from sexual pain conditions.